Preparing students for college from A to Z, focusing on:

  • Why Go: Practical guidance on understanding their potential and what to expect from the college experience.
  • What to Do: Students find help with picking the right school, making the most of standardized tests, and successfully applying to the school of their choice.
  • How to Pay: From the Facts on available loans, scholarships and other sources of aid to money management basics for students.

The right place to find everything a Texas resident needs to know about:

  • Preparing for college
  • Applying to college
  • Paying for college
  • Tuition wavers and exemptions

If you have been classified as a Texas resident and do not qualify for FAFSA, you may be able to receive state funding.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA connects the students to opportunities for obtaining:

  • Federal and State Grants
  • Student Loans
  • Scholarships

Free college scholarship search and financial aid information. The site allows students to:

  • Create a personalized profile
  • Receive information on available scholarships and grants that apply to them.
  • Begin applying for scholarships before and during applying to colleges.