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Brazosport College is an open-admission institution; however, students must demonstrate appropriate reading, writing, and mathematics skills on examinations approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board before registering for most college transfer courses and some workforce education courses.
The Texas State Education Code requires all students who enter public institutions of higher learning to be assessed for reading, writing, and math skills before enrolling in academic classes.  Brazosport College administers the THEA and COMPASS tests to assess reading, writing, and mathematics skills.  A passing score on these exams is not required for admission to the college; however, students must satisfy all sections of the TSI-approved test before enrolling in college level courses which would bring their total completed college level semester credit hours to 60 hours or more.
Students who fail any part of the TSI test will be required to enroll in transitional education courses until they demonstrate the required skill or pass the failed section(s) of the TSI-approved test.  All degree-seeking students must take the TSI-approved test before entering Brazosport College.  Students enrolled in certificate programs are exempt from TSI testing.
In order to assist students with becoming college ready, Brazosport College offers PSYC/EDUC 1300 (Learning Frameworks).  This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to be active and successful learners.  Some of the topics covered in this course include:  1) goal-setting, 2) effective time management, 3) handling stress, 4) note-taking, 5) active reading, 6) test-taking strategies, and 7) conducting research.  All students who are placed in transitional classes will be required to enroll in PSYC/EDUC 1300 as part of their developmental plan.  For more information on this course, please contact Dr. Lynda Villanueva at 979-230-3422.
Exemptions from the TSI test may apply to students who meet specific criteria as designated in the TSI regulations.  Consult the Office of Admissions or the Counseling and Testing Office for detail on TSI exemptions.

Brochures for TSI testing are available at the counter of the Registrar's Office and in the Counseling and Testing Office.

For more information on college placement tests or to arrange for testing, contact the Brazosport College Counseling and Testing Office at 979-230-3040 before advisement and registration.

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