This scholarship list may not be comprehensive, so please be sure to check for additional opportunities offered by the institutions. Be sure to also look for additional scholarship opportunities offered by individuals and organizations or businesses.


Transfer Scholarship Website

Possible Amount of Transfer Scholarship per Year

Minimum GPA Requirement for Transfer Scholarship

Transferable Credit Hours Required for Transfer Scholarship

Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship Available?

Baylor UniversityView Website$9K - $13K3.0N/AYes, $1K/year
Dallas Baptist UniversityView Website$4K - $12K3.0N/AYes*, $4K/year for commuters; $10K/year for living on-campus
East Texas Baptist UniversityView Website$4K - $10K2.5N/AYes, $11K/year
Houston Christian UniversityView Website$6K - $16K2.0N/AYes*, $3K/year
Lamar UniversityView Website$1.5K - $2K,
Up to $3K
3.0 - 4.0More than 30/
Less than 90
Yes, $1K/year
Sam Houston State UniversityView Website$1K - $3K2.7545No
Stephen F Austin University View Website$1K - $2K3.045No
Texas A&M University View Website$500 - $4KVaries24Yes*, $2K-$5K/year
Texas A&M - Central TexasView WebsiteVaries2.0VariesYes*, $1K/year
Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi View Website$2K - $4K3.0At least 30Yes*, $1K/year
Texas A&M University - GalvestonView Website$4K2.5At least 30Yes, $2K/year
Texas Christian University View Website$12K - Full Tuition3.0At least 12Yes*, $20,000/year
Texas State University View Website$1K - $1.2K3.0N/AYes*, $1,000/year
Texas Tech University View Website$3K - $4K3.030-60No
Texas Woman's University View WebsiteVaries3.0N/AYes*, $500/year
University of Texas - Austin View Website$2.5K - $5K2.0At least 60No
University of HoustonView Website$1K3.015-48No
University of Houston - Clear LakeView Website$2K2.75N/ANo
University of Houston - DowntownView Website$1.5K - $2K3.015-45No
University of Houston - VictoriaView Website$1K - $2K2.030No
University of North TexasView Website$1.5K - $4K3.030No
University of St Thomas View Website$6K - $13K2.516Yes, $5K/year
University of Texas - ArlingtonView Website$1K - $4K3.524No
University of Texas - DallasView Website$500 - $3K3.030-90Yes*, $1K/year
University of Texas - San AntonioView WebsiteUp to $6K3.824Yes*, $1K/year


Bellevue University View WebsiteVaries2.5N/AYes*, $500/year
Capella University View Website$1K - $15K2.0N/AYes*, $500/year
Grand Canyon University View Website$1.5K - $6.5K2.5N/AYes*, $1,000/year
Purdue University Global View WebsiteVariesVariesN/ANo
Southern New Hampshire University View WebsiteVaries3.0N/ANo
Strayer University View Website$5K2.018No
University of PhoenixView Website$3K3.013-60No
Western Governor's University View WebsiteVariesVariesN/AYes*, $2,500/year
  *Check institution website for specific PTK requirements