Submit Syllabi and Assignments

The Writing Center is always updating our course information so that we have the most up-to-date schedules, policies, and assignments for each course whose students utilize the Writing Center.  Sometimes students forget materials, so we like to have an archive updated and ready to reference when they visit.
Every teacher has specific expectations and requirements, and the more the Writing Center tutors understand your goals, the better we are able to help your students succeed.  Sharing your course materials with us helps us learn more about you and your requirements, enabling us to communicate those expectations clearly and accurately to your students.
Please help us keep our materials archive updated by submitting your syllabus, assignments, and grading guides to
  1. Include your course name and number in the subject line,
  2. attach your materials, and 
  3. click send.  
  4. We will add your materials to our archives so we can reference them as needed.