Schedule an Appointment (Face to Face or Online)

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At the BC WC, we know your time is valuable. Therefore, we allow both walk-in and scheduled appointments. To make an appointment with the Writing Center:
  1. Click this link to Tutor Trac,
  2. Log in using your BC username and password (just like you're logging onto MyBC or a campus computer),
  3. Follow the directions to search for an available appointment.

If you have difficulty scheduling an appointment, please email Dr. April at She or one of our consultants will reply to your concern as soon as possible.

Add Fall 2020 Support Video here:

For ONLINE tutoring:
  1. Select a 55 minute session time. You will need the whole session to effectively review your work. We only offer online appointments at 55 minutes, so you and your tutor have time to work through your writing.
  2. Select "Online Tutoring--Writing" as your REASON for the session.
  3. Please have a MS Word or .doc version of your paper. You will need to copy/paste your work into our system, and PDF format will not be accepted.
  4. To access your online appointment, follow this Whiteboard Directions FOR STUDENTS.pdf.