Requiring Visits

Writing Center Reflection
Instead of asking tutors to "sign off" on student work as evidence that your students have visited the Writing Center, why not get a sense of what they learned during their session.  
  1. Download the Writing Center Reflection
  2. Distribute it to your class when you discuss their writing assignment, 
  3. Explain that they should complete the first question BEFORE their session, 
  4. Ask them to return the Writing Center Reflection with their paper as proof of their session.

Let us Know
Do you require that your students visit the Writing Center before submitting their writing?  If so, give us a heads up, so we can be sure to have reviewed your course materials and add extra staff to anticipate the rush.
To let us know that you have a paper due date coming up:
  1. Email;
  2. Include REQUIRED VISIT for Course Name & Number in the Subject Line;
  3. Attach any assignment prompts or grading guidelines (if you haven't already submitted them);
  4. In the email body, indicate the due date and add any information about your expectations for students' writing.
We will let you know we have received your request and make sure we are prepared for your students' visits.