2019 Call For Papers

Theme: Mindfulness and Student Success  
November 15th, 2019 * Brazosport College

The 2018 Gulf Coast Student Success Conference will invite interdisciplinary presentations and conversations dealing with issues of Mindfulness and Student Success.

The Tree of Contemplative PracticesThe Association for the Contemplative Mind in Higher Education suggests the metaphor of a tree for understanding mindfulness. The Tree of Contemplative Practices is rooted by “communion & connection” and “awareness.” This foundation branches out into the practices of:

  1. Stillness
  2. Generative Action
  3. Creativity
  4. Activism
  5. Relational Development
  6. Movement
  7. Ritual/Cyclical

Methods like storytelling, reflective writing, portfolio evaluation, visualization, and medatitive practices, “[w]hen taken together with conventional methods,” create “an enriched research methodology and pedagogy” one that is “available for opening up new pathways for deepening and enlarging perspectives which can lead to real and lasting solutions to the problems we confront” (Zajonc, Arthur, “Vison”).

The 2018 GCSSC seeks to explore the role of mindfulness in our practice as tutors, mentors, SI Leaders, and the people who direct and coordinate these folks. We would like to provice a space for presenters and attedees to consider the way mindfulness currently functions in their centers and where potential exists for mindfulness to enter our practices.

We would like to encourage participants to address the following questions:

  • How is the work of tutoring mindful work? Where and how do we encorporate contemplative practices?
  • How do you provide opportunities for mindfulness in your tutoring practice? In which contemplative practices do you engage?
  • What are the results of integrating contemplative practice into your Center?
  • How can mindfulness and contemplative practice help you address problems that commonly arise in your Center?
  • What are the risks of integrating contemplative practice into your Center?
  • Where are the gaps in the supports we offer? Why do those gaps occur? How can contemplative practice help us close them?
  • How can contemplative practice address the concerns of the 21st centry student?
  • What is the role of mindfulness and contemplative practice in tutor education?
  • How do we evaluate the use of contemplative practice(s) in our Center?

Presentations may address any issue of interest outside of the theme, but preference will be given to proposals dealing with the use of mindfulness and contemplative practice to enhance student success. Break-out sessions will be populated with 55 minute presentations in one of these presentation strands:

  • Math Tutoring
  • Writing Tutoring
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Student MentorsOther Subject Matter Tutors
  • Coordinating & Directing Tutoring Centers/SI Programs
  • Training tutors, leaders, and/or mentors

In keeping with our mission, the GCSSC provides a forum for tutors, SI leaders, and student mentors to share their practices, research, difficulties, and successes. While the GCSSC welcomes faculty, directors, coordinators, and administrators to attend, we prefer that they act as Chairs, Moderators, and/or Co-presenters with their tutors and student support staff.

Individual and/or Panel presentations are acceptable.

Submit an individual proposal here Submit a group proposal here