Request a Workshop or Class Visit

At the start of each semester, the Director of the Writing Center will schedule Introductory Class Visits with professors whose classes have been found to be reading and/or writing intensive. The purpose of these visits is to let students know the BC WC is here to help them with any reading, writing, or speaking task.

During a class visit, Writing Consultants can discuss the writing process, reading skills, the research process, or any other reading, writing, or speaking assignment/skills you will be working on this semester.

If you would like a Writing Consultant to visit your class or you would like to tailor your visit to your assignment and course content, please contact the Director, Dr. April Julier, at 979.230.3174 or 


Writing Consultants are available to offer workshops on a variety of writing issues in and outside of your classes:

  • effectively MLA/APA reference materials,
  • introducing students to the writing process,
  • cut-and-paste revision techniques,
  • peer review facilitation.

We will collaborate with you to create a workshop that will meet your needs and the expectations of your assignments. If you are interested in scheduling and/or creating a workshop with the Writing Center, please contact the Director, Dr. April Julier, at 979.230.3174 or