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Fall 2020 Support

Vision Statement

Our vision is to support all learners and faculty as we co-create a culture of literacy and communication at Brazosport College.

Mission Statement

The BCWC is a place where all readers, writers, and speakers are encouraged to challenge themselves and the world around them. Our mission is to provide a space where every student can develop their voice as writers and speakers, and we realize this mission through our workshops, events, and consultations with students and faculty. This mission is informed by our core values: collaboration, creativity, empathy, equity, community and mindfulness.

Core Values


As a student at Brazosport College, you add to the College’s body of ideas every time you give a speech or write a paper. We promise to help you share those thoughts clearly and powerfully. We promise to learn from you as we work together and to adjust the ways we present ideas to help you learn effectively. We are eager to learn and grow with and from you, and we look forward to working with you to help you become a stronger reader, writer, and speaker.  


We promise to be flexible and help you consider alternative ideas and means of expression. We are committed to engaging in productive play by finding ways to creatively approach and understand material. By providing a variety of spaces and kinesthetic tools, we aim to make the Writing Center a space that promotes and facilitates many ways of learning. 


We promise to understand your position and perspectives, and to help you understand the perspective of others as presented in the literature we read and discuss together. We believe that reading is the best way to learn about and understand perspectives different from our own, and we promise to support you as you work through new ideas in your reading, writing, and speaking.   


We promise to encourage all students to challenge themselves and the world around them. We believe that literacy is a lifelong process, and we promise to offer support relevant to wherever you are in your journey. We will provide equitable services regardless of modality (online or face-to-face).  We will offer programming, like our annual poetry event and readings from local authors, that amplifies minority voices and those voices not often heard in our classes. 


We are an inclusive environment composed of allies for students of all ages, cultures, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and religions. We promise to work with you to co-create the space of the BCWC with your voice and thoughts.


We promise to practice mindfulness in our learning and tutoring. We will practice patience in our actions. We will continue to develop our understanding of myriad perspectives through our extensive, multi-modal training focused on personal and professional mindfulness, best practices and seminal theory in Writing Centers, inclusivity, learning differences, antiracism, writing skills.