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Hours: MTWR 8am-8pm / F 8am-12pm

Phone: 979.230.3460

The mission of the Brazosport College Writing Center (BC WC) is to create and facilitate a culture of literacy at Brazosport College. We believe that literacy education is a life-long process. Life is lumpy. While we might have one plan today, we don’t know what skills we will need in the future. All fields require literacy skills, and reading and writing are components of science, nursing, and workforce programs as well. Effective communication is a skill that employers always need, and the Brazosport College Writing Center is committed to supporting the reading and writing of our academic and larger community.

2019 Writing Center Team

The BC WC is not just for people who find writing, reading, or speaking difficult. All succesful writers know that nothing is written in isolation. Writers need readers, and the Writing Center has at least two readers on staff every hour to work with you at every stage of the writing process.

Students can expect to receive assistance in becoming more effective communicators in speaking and writing. The Writing Center Consultants can help you with reading comprehension, reading and researching sources for your writing projects, brainstorming possible topics in response to an assignment, developing ideas, maintaining your focus in your writing, organizing and outlining speeches, clearly communicating during Power Point presentations, and so much more. While we don’t provide proofreading services, we will work to enable you to become a better editor of your own work.

Faculty can expect to receive support for their students and themselves. The Writing Center will work with individual faculty members by providing integrated tutoring, in-class workshops, supported peer review, or supplemental workshops tailored to your class and your students’ reading and writing needs. In addition to visits at the start of the semester that describe how the Writing Center can help your students succeed, we can provide designated tutors who will meet with you to stay current on your class materials and provide feedback on how your students who visit the Writing Center seem to understand that material. Working with a designated tutor offers you a window into your students’ comprehension regarding your assignments and class-concepts, and this insight can help you decide what lessons and interventions to offer during class. In addition to tutoring services, the Writing Center can help you more effectively integrate writing into your courses by:

  • offering assistance in developing and scaffolding assignments to solicit the thinking you want to evaluate,
  • providing ways to more effectively respond to and assess student writing, including assistance in designing evaluation guidelines and rubrics,
  • and discussing how to use writing to teach writing concepts that you find students consistently struggling with.

If you would like to discuss ways the Brazosport College Writing Center can support existing writing instruction or help you integrate writing into any of your courses, please contact the Director of the Writing Center, Dr. April Sikorski (april.sikorski@brazosport.edu)