Supplemental Instruction Leader - Position Information

How Can I Apply to be an SI Leader?

Please read all information below in regards to becoming an SI Leader PRIOR to taking the following steps. 
1. Fill out the TOP only on this pre-application and email back to Pat Jeffreys at
2. This application will be used to do a full criminal-background, and grade check, then will be sent to Human Resources. Human Resources will then send you a link to the full application  at the email you listed. Due to this please MAKE SURE the email you list is VALID. You must watch for this in your email! It will be from .

3. Carefully fill in the on-line application. For all your references, please list email addresses only. Then notify those people you listed to LOOK-OUT for an email from  and immediately respond.

Any problems with any of the questions on the online application? You can get help from Rose Buckner by emailing her at  OR by calling her at  979-230-3303 .
4. Now wait. It will take time as all the references need to respond before Human Resources will okay your application. Once they do, they will tell us you have been hired and we will contact you. You will be contacted by either Pat Jeffreys (SI Coordinator) or by Karen Foster (Administrative Office Specialist).

Pat Jeffreys contact information
Office phone:  979-230-5426   
Cell Phone:  979-292-5426  (You can text or call)



What are an SI Leader's responsibilities?

SI Leaders are peer students responsible for leading peer-facilitated sessions per week for his/her assigned course. Primary SI Leader responsibilities include:

  • Attending lectures with students to:
    • Relearn course content,
    • Take notes,
    • Promote SI,
    • Role Model good student behavior, and
    • Prepare for SI sessions.
  • Planning for SI sessions, including:
    • Creating an agenda,
    • Preparing worksheets or other resources, and
    • Promoting session plans using the website.
  • Facilitating at least 3 SI sessions every week using:
    • Planned group work.
    • Collaborative activities, and
    • Active learning strategies.
  • Participating in Staff Development Activities, including:
    • SI Leader Orientation at the beginning of the semester,
    • Six Large Team staff meetings,
    • Individual Meetings with an SI Supervisor or Mentor,
    • Observing a peer SI Leader, and
    • Additional workshops you choose to best fit your skill development needs.
  • Additional administrative responsibilities.

All SI Leader responsibilities typically take about 10 hours per week, which leaves time for other employment or leadership experiences; however, we need SI Leaders to ensure those 10 hours per week are dedicated to SI responsibilities.

What are the outcomes of being an SI Leader?

The SI Leader position is a paid, professional opportunity ideally for student leaders who want to:

  • Help peer students develop study skills.
  • Build rapport with an instructor or academic department.
  • Develop skills as a facilitator of learning.
  • Prepare to become a teacher, prepare for graduate school, or prepare for examinations (ex: GRE, MCAT, etc).

Minimum Qualifications Needed to Apply:

Qualifications are listed below. For special circumstances, please follow the links provided after each qualification. Students interested in the SI Leader position who do not meet all general qualifications are encouraged to contact Pat Jefferys to discuss your circumstances.

Minimum General Qualifications:

  • Must be enrolled as a Brazosport Community College Student while an SI Leader, undergraduate students preferred. Please see the FAQ notes if you are a:
    • Graduate student,
    • Transfer Student new to BC, or
    • An International Student.
  • Meet the following GPA conditions:
    • Must have an existing BC minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
    • Must have a semester GPA of 3.0 or higher for the most recent semester completed. (Exceptions or variations for most-recent semesters that included study abroad, co-ops, or other experiential opportunities.)
  • Must be able to complete all staff development responsibilities, including attending SI Leader orientation and meetings.
  • Must be friendly and enjoy working with people.

Minimum Course-Specific Qualifications (Qualifications apply to each course for which you are interested in being a Leader):

  • Must have completed the course at Brazosport College, earning a B+ grade or higher; Please see the FAQ notes for the following exceptions:
    • Did you test out of the course, or complete credit for the course at another institution? 
    • Are you currently enrolled in the course? 
    • Did you complete higher level coursework? 
  • Must be able to attend all scheduled lectures for the course.
  • Must be able to plan and facilitate at least three 50-minute SI sessions per week.
  • Must have demonstrated content knowledge in the subject area of the course.

Frequently Asked Questions and Exceptions

I am currently enrolled in a course for which I want to apply to be a Leader. Can I apply before I receive my final grade?

Yes, you can apply to be an SI Leader for the upcoming semester if you are still enrolled in the course. If your final grade has not been determined by the time you apply, please have your current instructors email with your current grades. If you are offered a future SI Leader position prior to completion of the course, your offer will be conditional until your final grade in the course can be verified.

Can I be a Leader for a course while I am enrolled as a student in the course?


Can I be a Leader for a course that is not in my major?

Yes. Many courses for which SI is offered are required for a variety of majors, which means you will have the content knowledge needed for the course for which you will be a Leader.

Can I apply anytime? --or-- What if I miss the deadline?

We accept applications at any time from individuals who want to be considered for any future SI Leader openings. It is generally best to apply as soon as you are interested.

We have a "priority deadline" for each semester. SI positions are for one semester at a time. The priority deadlines coincides with the reapplication process for experienced Leaders who want to return for another semester. Applying by the priority deadlines guarantees all qualified new applicants an interview, and equal consideration for open positions.

Priority Deadlines are:

  • November 15 (for Spring SI Leader positions)
  • April 8 (for Fall SI Leader positions)

Once the priority deadline passes, we continue to accept and review applications for positions that remain open on an on-going basis. Hence, we suggest that you submit an application at any time as an expression of your intent, and we will follow-up with you as we have openings fitting your interests.

Can I apply if I am a graduate student?

Yes. Overall, we do want to hire the best candidates possible. There are a few reasons why we prefer our Leaders to be undergraduate students, but we will accept applications from any currently enrolled BC student, regardless of classification. If you are a graduate student, you should recognize the following:

  • Being a Teaching Assistant and SI Leader for the same course/section is likely a conflict of interest.
  • The SI Leader position does not qualify as an assistantship, and does not include the benefits of an assistantship.
  • SI Leader's commitments consume 10 hours of work per week, which counts towards the limit of hours that could be worked.

We recommend that graduate students secure a graduate assistantship first, and discuss possible hour commitments for additional work on campus with their advisor. If at least 10 hours is available for SI and there are no conflicts of interest, then please apply to be an SI Leader.

Training and Support of SI Leaders

We provide new SI Leaders with an initial training and orientation to the position and program, which is scheduled for the Saturday and Sunday before classes begin each semester. Throughout the semester, all Leaders experience on-going training designed to help Leaders develop strategies to strengthen skills. We believe every skill Leaders develop is transferable to numerous future careers. We do not provide SI Leaders with training in any specific content area (ex: math), which is why this knowledge of the content is expected prior to application and why Leaders attend class with the students.

Which courses will have SI?

Courses are typically determined one semester in advance. For example, the schedule for fall 2013 will be finalized on or around April 8, 2013. On your application, please list all courses for which you are interested in being an SI Leader and you feel qualified, including courses that are not listed in our current schedule.