Pat Jeffreys

Pat Jeffreys

SI Coordinator

Pat Jeffreys has an Associates of Chemical Technology, Associates of Science, and a Bachelor of Applied Technology in Process Operations Management.  She has worked at Dow Chemical 15 years, Massage Therapist 15 years, Hypnotherapist 5 years, owned several small businesses. She used to love Chemistry and Math, then took some Anatomy & Physiology and was hooked. Biology and Microbiology fascinate her, as well. Her personal interests include Traveling (Tibet was the best) and Science Fiction. “For 4 years I was basically the only tutor for the Life Sciences, and was delighted to start the SI program with many SI Leaders so more student could get the support needed.  When seeing students that are astonished they finally got the first A in Science ever in their life—and at college level!—because of SI, well, THAT is when I get that warm, fuzzy feeling.”


Pat Jeffreys, Supplemental Instruction Coordinator


Sadler Bldg. Rm. HS.225G