Supplemental Instruction

SI Leaders

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program is an academic assistance program that utilizes peer-assisted study sessions and was introduced in the Spring semester of 2009. SI sessions are 3 or 4 weekly  informal review sessions in which students compare notes, develop organizational tools, assemble essay questions, and predict test items. Reviews are usually done in a fun, relaxed environment with lots of games, informal quizzes with teacher and class specific  take-home hand-outs  that give students an idea of exactly how much they have retained and what they still need to focus on and that which they still don’t know!  Students learn how to integrate course content and study skills while working together. The sessions are facilitated by “SI Leaders”, students who have previously done well in the course and who attend both weekly class lectures alongside the current students, take notes,  act as model students, and counsel with instructors weekly  on what to target in the SI Sessions.

The SI Program is used in over 1900 universities and colleges world-wide to enhance the learning experience for their students, and has been in existence for 40+ years. Brazosport College is involved with a network of SI Leaders across the globe; these SI enthusiasts offer advice, literature, and tips to Brazosport College’s dedicated SI Leaders.  All of this help is available to the student free of charge!


  1. To increase retention within targeted high-risk courses  
  2. To improve student's grades in targeted high-risk courses
  3. To increase the Graduation Rates of students



SI is a “free service” offered to all students in a targeted course and is totally voluntary for all students. SI is a non-remedial approach to learning as the program targets historically high-risk courses  rather than high-risk students.  The schedules for SI Sessions for your class will be handed out on the first day in those classes that participate.

Brazosport College has SI Program and SI Leader support for Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, and General Chemistry I—all historically-challenging, high-risk courses.  There are separate SI sessions for A&P lectures and for A&P labs, and for Micro lectures and Micro labs.

Participants in the SI Program have statistically proven on the average to receive semester grades ½ to 1 whole letter gradeabove non-participants.

Students with varying levels of academic preparedness participate—as one participant said :

                “See, I have to study somewhere, sometime, and since  I’m already here on campus . . .

                   Studying  away from noisy distractions—with experts ?  Well, I feel it really makes sense!”



SI Leaders are students themselves who have taken this class before and earned a high grade. Faculty typically recommends the students who are trained to be SI Leaders. SI Leaders are prepared to share with students how to effectively study for their shared course. SI Leaders attend the same class as students, taking notes and listening closely to the professor. The SI Coordinating team trains them in how to be effective facilitators and  they receive ongoing supervision and training.  The SI Department is always looking for SI Leaders for the next semester—come by HS-224 A, ask for the SI Coordinator Jenni Jones, and set a time for an interview.  You can also call the SI Dep’t at 979-230-3433.

Vivian Rodgers

Director, Student Success Center & Learning Framework Faculty

Main Bldg. E.211


Jenni Jones

Supplemental Instruction Coordinator

Sadler Bldg. HS.225C