Algebra Modules

These video learning lessons are designed to provide explanation, demonstration, and practice for the specific topics taught in Math 0404, Math 0406, and Math 0408. These lessons ARE NOT a substitute for these classes. If you are enrolled in one of these courses, attend class regularly and use these modules as a supplement. These lessons will help you:
  • Review previously learned material in preparation for a placement exam
  • Review past knowledge needed for Math 1314, College Algebra or another college level course
  • Supplement instruction in a transitional mathematics course
Each lesson has two parts: a short video demonstration and related practice problems. To view these lessons, you need:
  • Computer with a high speed internet connection (Cable, DSL, LAN).
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader.
If you do not have a computer meeting these specifications, you may view these lessons on campus in the Student Success Center, Learning Services, BC Library, or in an open computer lab.

Math 0404


Math 0406

Beginning Algebra

Math 0408

Intermediate Algebra

Perform whole number arithmetic using order of operations.
Simplify using the order of operations.
Describe a set of real numbers in interval and set builder notation.
Find the absolute value of an integer.
Evaluate polynomial expressions.
Find the intersection and union of two sets.
Add and subtract integers.
Solve a linear equation.
Multiply and divide integers.
Solve linear inequalities.
Solve a literal equation.
Solve linear equations with integers.
Translate statements into an algebraic representation.
Solve a linear inequality and describe the solution in interval notation.
Add and subtract fractions.
Solve application problems using an algebraic equation.
Set up and solve a linear application.
Multiply and divide fractions.
Graph an equation by point plotting.
Solve an absolute value equation.
Simplify complex fractions.
Add and subtract polynomial expressions.
Find the slope and equation of a line given two points.
Solve equations with fractions.
Multiply polynomial expressions.
Graph the equation of a line.
Add and subtract decimal numbers.
Simplify expressions using the laws of exponents.
Graph a linear inequality.
Multiply and divide decimal numbers.
Factor by removing the greatest common factor.
Solve a system of linear equations.
Simply the square root of a whole number.
Factor using the difference of two squares.
Simplify monomial expressions with integral exponents.
Convert between percent, decimal, and fraction.
Multiply and divide two polynomials.
Solve percent applications.
Solve quadratic equations with factoring.
Factor an expression in quadratic form.
Calculate the area and perimeter of geometric figures.
Add and subtract rational expressions.
Use the factor by grouping technique.
Multiply and divide rational expressions.
Factor a binomial using the sum or difference of cubes.
Simplify radical expressions.
Add or subtract two rational expressions.
Add and subtract radical expressions.
Multiply or divide two rational expressions.
Multiply two radical expressions.
Simplify a complex fraction.

Solve equations involving rational expressions.

Simplify expressions with rational exponents

Simplify radical expressions.
Add or subtract radical expressions.
Multiply or divide radical expressions.
Solve a quadratic equation.