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Online Comevo Module Part A

Welcome to Brazosport College! Home of the Brazosport Gators! The New Student Orientation Page is here to provide you with information regarding our orientations, programs, and support systems specifically for our new students.

In response to COVID-19 and CDC protocols, all of our on-campus and face-to-face New Student Orientation sessions have been changed to an online and Zoom format. We are excited that we were able to offer our summer and fall 2021-2022 New Student Orientation classes using our online Comevo module (Part A) and the virtual platform using Zoom (Part B).

This section of our page will focus solely on the Online Comevo Module opportunity, which is considered Part A of your journey of becoming a Brazosport College student.

Students who are attending college for the first time or students with a time lapse in enrollment are required to complete the two-part (A & B Sessions) New Student Orientation program. Students should, first, complete the Part A, which is the New Student Orientation online module. This module does not have an option and must be completed by students. Students should complete the entire module, take and pass the quiz, and print the certificate for filing.

All first-time college students and returning students who have not completed NSO should:

1. Part A: Complete the New Student Orientation Module hosted online by Comevo. This is an independent module and should be completed in a quiet environment. New Student Orientation tracks each new student for module completion and will issue credit, on this portion, upon receiving notification that you have completed this course.

*This module does not have a substitute and is required as Part A of your official enrollment as a new student.

It is important to, first, complete the online module and then, second, register to participate in our virtual orientation. You can complete the Module at

Once you arrive to this link address, you will enter your credentials and begin the modules. Please carefully follow the instructions, the course outline, and complete the sixteen modules and survey included.

You can find out more information about Part B of New Student Orientation on the Virtual Zoom Opportunities Page.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 979-230-3412 or

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