BC RecyclesBrazosport College recycles paper, plastic, and aluminum

Recycling bins are located at various locations across campus.   Keep a look out for the BC Recycles logo for appropriate containers.

 The goals and outcomes of BC Recycles are:

  •   As a result of BC Recycles, 35% of all waste produced at Brazosport College will be recycled.
  • BC Recycles will increase awareness and education on the importance of conserving natural resources and energy.
  • BC Recycles will motivate students, employees, and community members to increase recycling efforts and reduce waste production.
  • BC Recycles will engage the campus community in activities to encourage sustainable practices on and off the BC campus.

For questions please contact Kelli Forde-Spiers; kelli.fordespiers@brazosport.edu or 979-230-3355.




         In the larger buildings on campus, there are large green bins in strategic areas.  In offices and classrooms, smaller blue bins are in place to receive recycle items - plastic, aluminum & paper.  The blue bins in offices and classrooms are to be emptied into theLarge Green Containers.   Located:

  • 2 in C.wing upstairs
  • 1 in C.105
  • J.117
  • D.208
  • L.100B
  • 2 in Library
  • B.200
  • Learning Services
  • Sadler 102
  • Sadler 225
  •   Sadler  2nd floor coke machine
  • Sadler next to B stairs
  • Print Shop


  1. Do we put all paper, plastic, and aluminum in the blue bin?   Yes
  2. Is someone going to sort this if we put it all in one bin?   No
  3. Is someone going to come by and pick it up? If so, how often?  weekly **
  4. If our recycle bin is full, who do we contact?   Please empty your blue bin into a handy Green container. 
  5. Cardboard: This is separate, it well be picked up and bundled separately.