Make Fit Happen Fitness Challenge

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Challenge One

  1. 30 Miles in 30 Days
  2. Refer a Friend

Visit the Fitness Loft

  1. Receive a free health assesment resources
  2. Recieve fitness resources
  3. Join "BC Make Fit Happen" on Facebook

Challenge Two

  1. 40 miles in 30 days
  2. Resistance Training and Core Strength*
  3. Drink 3/4 to 1 gallon of water, daily

Visit the Fitness Loft

  1. Progression assesment resources

*Minimum 3 times per week

Challenge Three

  1. 180 miles in 75 days
  2. Resistance training and core strength
  3. Drink water
  4. Set personal goals using

*Minimum 3 times per week

Finish Strong

  1. Sign up for the Gator Gallop 5k or 1 mile sprint
  2. Visit the Fitness Loft or Facebook for registration information

Downoad the Health Assessment Packet

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