Columbia High School

Meet Mrs. Savannah Anderson. She is the Brazosport College Dual Credit counselor. She helps students with post secondary academic decisions and occupational choices.

Columbia High SchoolBrazosport College
DayTuesday and ThursdayFriday
Time7:15 a.m. to 4 p.m.8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
LocationGuidance OfficeCounseling & Testing Department

10 Things Dual Credit Students need to know....

1. New Students: Discuss taking dual credit courses with your Dual Credit Counselor, Savannah Wiggins.

2. Apply: Complete the Brazosport College Online Application.

3. ALL Students: Pick up an Early Admission/ Dual Credit Form from the Dual Credit Counselor. Take it home, get it signed by your parent/guardian, and return it to the Brazosport College.

4. Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination: ALL new students must submit a Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Verification Form to the BC Registrar's Office or your Dual Credit Counselor.

5. TEST INFORMATION: If required for your class, take the TSI test if you're not waived or exempt due to one of the sets of scores. You must complete the TSI Assessment before you can take the TSI test. **The test is free for Dual Credit testers but is not free to Seniors in their Spring semester.**

Steps to registering for the TSI:

  1. Must have a BC Application for Admission
  2. Must complete the TSI Pre-Assessment Activity
  3. Find a TSI date that is convenient for you and then call to register for the TSI at 979-230-3040.


One of the following sets of scores are required for:

TAKS2200 ELA with composition score of 3 and/or TAKS 2200 math
SATValid AFTER March 2016  EBRW-480  MATH-530
ACTMath and/or English 19 with composite score of 23
      Dual Credit Waivers


23- Composite Score with a minimum of:

19- English Score and/or 19- Math Score


435- English  431- Math


1070- Combined score (Critical Reading & Math) with a minimum of:

500- Critical Reading score and/or 500- Math score


EBRW- 460   Math- 510


-ALG I***

  ** Dual Credit Waivers expire after High School Graduation.
  *** High School DC Waivers must also have a passing grade in Algebra II.
  **** Mixing or combinging scores is NOT allowed.

6. Financial Aid: Brazosport College (BC) has partnered with school districts to provide many different options when it comes to taking dual credit courses. Find your school district here to learn more.

7. Register & Pay for Classes: Register in person at the college or online through myBC. You will also pay for your classes through myBC or visit the Cashier window on campus. You may also find the myBC link at the bottom of the Brazosport College Homepage. Login with your BC student ID and your college PIN.

8. Student Orientation: Students who are new to college must attend a Student Orientation session prior to registering for classes. If you have any questions about orientation, call 979-230-3355.

9. Buy your books: Through our BC Bookstore.

10. Start class: For information on when classes begin you may visit the Catalog Calendar. Please notice that you must access online courses through D2L.