Departmental Exams

Departmental Exams

Brazosport College offers credit by examination ($20) per credit hour in the following courses through the institutional testing program.

- A score of 80 is required to be awarded a grade of P (Pass)

- Re-testing is a waiting period of 30 days; re-take is only once.

ACNT 1403

Introduction to Accounting I (Office)

BCIS 1405

Business Computer Applications

BMGT 1327

Principles of Management

BUSI 2301

Business Law

CHEM 1305/1105

Introductory Chemistry/Introductory Chemistry Lab

CJLE 1506

Basic Peace Officer I

CJLE 1512

Basic Peace Officer II

CJLE 1518

Basic Peace Officer III

CJLE 1524

Basic Peace Officer IV

CJSA 1313/

CRIJ 1306

Courts Systems/Practices

CJSA 1322/

CRIJ 1301

Introduction to Criminal Justice

CJSA 2300/

CRIJ 2323

Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement

CNBT 1311

Construction Methods and Materials

CNBT 1346

Construction Estimating I

CNBT 2335

Computer Aided Construction Scheduling

CNBT 2342

Construction Management I

CNBT 2344

Construction Management II

CRPT 1325

Forms and Foundations

DFTG 1305

Technical Drafting

DFTG 1309

Basic Computer-Aided Drafting

DFTG 1317

Architectural Residential Drafting

DFTG 2319A

Intermediate Computer-Aided Drafting

DFTG 2323

Pipe Drafting I

ELPT 1319

Fundamental of Electricity I

ELPT 1329

Residential Wiring

ELPT 1341

Motor Control

ELPT 1345

Commercial Wiring

ELPT 1357

Industrial Wiring

ELPT 2301

Journeyman Electrician Exam Review

EMSP 1355

Trauma Management

EMSP 1356

Pt. Assessment & Airway Mgt.

EMSP 1438

Introduction to Advanced Practice

EMSP 1501

EMT Basic

EMSP 2143

Assessment Based Management

EMSP 2248

Emergency Pharmacology

EMSP 2338

EMS Operations

EMSP 2434

Medical Emergencies

EMSP 2444


HART 1310

HVAC Shop Practices/Tools

HITT 1305

Medical Terminology I

INTC 1343

Application of Industrial Automatic Control

INTC 1401

Principles of Industrial Measurements

INTC 1441

Principles of Automatic Control

ITSC 1305

Introduction to PC Operating Systems (DOS/Windows)

ITSC 1401

Introduction to Computers

ITSE 1432

Introduction to Visual BASIC.NET Programming

MRKG 1311

Principles of Marketing

MCHN 1325

Millwright I

MCHN 1329

Millwright II

MCHN 2305

Millwright III

MCHN 2307

Millwright IV

NDTE 1301

Film Interpretation of Weldments

NDTE 1310

Liquid Penetrant/Magnetic Particle

NDTE 1354

Intermediate Ultrasonic

PFPB 1305

Basic Blueprint Reading for Pipefitters

PFPB 1308

Basic Pipefitting Skills

PFPB 2307

Pipe Fabrication and Installation I

PFPB 2308

Piping Standards & Materials

PFPB 2341

Pipe Fabrication and Installation II

PFPB 2349

Field Measuring Sketching & Layout

POFT 2301

Intermediate Keyboarding

POFT 2312

Business Correspondence & Communications

PTAC 1302

Introduction to Process Technology

PTAC 1308

Safety/Health & Environment I

PTAC 1410

Process  Technology I – Equipment

PTAC 1432

Process Instrumentation  I

*PTAC 2420

Process Technology II – Systems

SPAN 1411

Beginning Spanish I

SPAN 1412

Beginning Spanish II

WLDG 1421

Introduction to Welding Fundamentals

WLDG 1428

Introduction to Shielded Metal

Arc Welding

WLDG 2406

Intermediate Pipe Welding

WLDG 2443

Advanced Shielding Metal Arc Welding

WLDG 2447

Advanced Gas Metal Arc Welding

WLDG 2451

Advanced Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

* Applicable only to Associate Degree: not transferable to BAT degree.


LVN to AND Track Credit by Exam

- For enrolled LVN to ADN Track Students only -
- Pre-Approval required  by Track Director of Health Profession department.
- *Additional departmental Assessment required.

-  Registration/Retest steps can be found at


RNSG 1108

Dosage Calculation for Nursing

RNSG 1209

Intro Nursing

*RNSG 1260

Clinical Nursing I

*RNSG 1205

Nursing Skills I

*RNSG 1244

Nursing Skills II


CSST-Construction Site Safety Technician

- For registration process call the Assessment Center @979.230.3647.
- A score of 70 is required in order to be awarded a grade of P (Pass):


OSHT 1405

OSHA Construction Regulations

OSHT 2309

Safety Program Management

Automotive Technology Program

Credit by examination in the Automotive Technology Program for current ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) examinations/Certifications are in the following areas:

*AUMT 1305

Intro. to Automotive Technology

*AUMT 1307

Automotive Electrical Systems

*AUMT 1316

Suspension & Steering

*AUMT 1345

Auto Heating & Air Conditioning

*AUMT 1410

Automotive Brake Systems

*AUMT 1419

Engine Repair

*AUMT 2313

Manual Drive Train & Axles

*AUMT 2317

Engine Performance Analysis I

*AUMT 2425

Auto Trans & Transaxle

*AUMT 2434

Engine Performance Analysis II

- * There is a $5 per credit hour administrative fee.
- Official transcripts are required and available at:






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