Resume and Cover Letter Assistance

Resumes are documents that summarize and highlight education, experiences, and activities relevant to career goals. A well-constructed resume documents skills and helps convince an employer about skills and qualifications  the job or internship.

Resumes should be:

  • One page to impress prospective employers with what you have learned and accomplished while at Brazosport College, although graduate students resumes may be longer.
  • A targeted document that helps employers clearly see the value you will bring to the organization.
  • Updated every semester

Email your most recent or current resume to Be sure to include a brief note as to what your career goals are and how you’d like for the GCGC staff to assist you. If you are seeking resume revisions for a particular position, feel free to attach the job description or include the link so that your resume and cover letter can be tailored accordingly.

Career Coach Resume Builder- If you need to create a resume start here.

Types of Resumes

Reference List

Cover Letters

To ensure your resume or cover letter is on target, get it reviewed by submitting your documents here: