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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to set up an Evolve Account?

You will need an Evolve account (username and password) to login on the day you take your exam.

This account will also allow you access to study material and remediation resources provided by Evolve. This account will be used if you choose to retake the exam or if you take the exam over more than one session.

How will I know what my score was on the HESI?

As you complete each module, your score for the module will appear on the main menu screen.

If you're testing on campus, the test proctors will print your scores for each module and the cumulative score once you complete the exam.

The test proctors cannot tell you if your score is enough to get you accepted into the program for which you are applying. Your scores are automatically made available to nursing department, so there are no actions you need to take to provide scores to BC.

The application for the program I am applying to is due on the same day I'm scheduled to take the HESI. Will the results be ready in time?


Scores are calculated as you complete each module and the results of your entire exam are available to nursing department as soon as you complete the exam.

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