The credit by examination program provides an opportunity for Brazosport College students to complete special examinations in order to establish credit for specified courses.

Two types of examinations are used:

To apply for a Credit by Exam, a student MUST complete a Brazosport College Credit by Examination Petition online or in the Assessment Center office E129e.


  1. If enrolled in the course that will be tested out of, you are REQUIRED to be withdrawn and have not received a final grade from course PRIOR to testing.

  2. Credit by examination may be awarded to students who earn satisfactory scores on specific tests and upon successful completion of a minimum 6 semester credit hours earned at Brazosport College before credit will be posted to the student's transcript.

  3. Credits may be earned for not more than two courses by examination in one discipline. The Division Chairman shall recommend to the Curriculum and Instruction Committee those courses considered to be from the same discipline within a division.

  4. A maximum of 24 hours may be earned through any combination of CLEP, Credit by Exam, or Advanced Placements tests. Deviations in exceptional cases may be granted upon recommendation of the appropriate Division Chair and/or Dean, Vice President, and approval of the President.

  5. A student who wishes to satisfy course prerequisites by examination must complete the examination satisfactorily before registering for advanced courses except with special permission of the appropriate Dean.

  6. Examination for credit for any approved single course may be retaken only once. Any retake cannot be scheduled sooner than 30 days following the date of the initial attempt. The CLEP examination may not be repeated for six months of the test date. 

Checkbox Credit by Exam Registration                         

1. Complete the online CBE/CLEP Registration Form to schedule and pay for a Credit by Exam or CLEP exam:

• Register and Pay for CBE Form

2. Day of test you will show your registration and payment confirmation to the Test Proctor in room E-129.

Fee Information- Failure to appear will result forfeiture of fees

  • CBE examination: $20.00 per credit hour (for local exams)

  • AUMT CBE (Administration Fee): $5.00 per credit hour

  • CLEP (Administration Fee): $15.00 local fee and if applicable, $10.00 optional essay fee.

*Note: For CLEP exam, an additional $89.00 fee (effective July 1, 2019) will be payable to CLEP

Checkbox What to Bring on Test Day

 1. Payment of receipt for check-in process.

 2. CLEP Registration Voucher (If taking CLEP Exam, not applicable for CBE)

 3. A photo ID.


To request College Credit based on AP exams, students' need to submit an official AP Score Report.



4, 5

BIOL 1306 & 1106;

BIOL 1306 & 1106, 1307 & 1107

Calculus AB3, 4, 5MATH 2413
Calculus BC


4, 5

MATH 2413

MATH 2413, 2414



4, 5

CHEM 1311, 1111

CHEM 1311, 1111, 1312, 1112

English (Language & Composition)3, 4, 5ENGL 1301
English (Literature & Composition)3, 4, 5ENGL 1302
Environmental Science3

4, 5

ENVR 1301/1101

ENVR 1301/1101
ENVR 1302/1102
Human Geography3, 4, 5GEOG 1302
Macroeconomics3, 4, 5ECON 2301
Microeconomics3, 4, 5ECON 2302
Physics 1 (A)3, 4, 5PHYS 1301/1101
Physics 2 (B)3, 4, 5PHYS 1302/1102
Physics C- Mechanics3, 4, 5PHYS 2325, 2125
Physics C- Electricity & Magnetism3, 4, 5PHYS 2326, 2126
Psychology3, 4, 5PSYC 2301
4, 5
SPAN 1411
SPAN 1411, 1412
Statistics3, 4, 5MATH 1342
US History


4, 5

HIST 1301

HIST 1301/1302

US Government & Politics

3, 4, 5

GOVT 2305


For further information about scheduling the Credit by Exam or CLEP at Brazosport College, please contact Corrina Bickham.

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