Smarter Measure

Brazosport College uses Smarter Measureas a tool to assist students in understanding the skills required to successfully complete an online course. This is an indicator, NOT a screening tool to keep you from taking an online course. Use it as a guide to help you improve your ability to learn in the online environment where you will have to independantly study and technology is a factor. There are helpful links included in each section that provide information to improve your skills.


The process may take 20 - 30 minutes and, if you cannot finish it now, you may complete it at a later time. You will receive a PIN at the email address you entered during the initial Smarter Measure registration. Use that email address and PIN to start where you left off or to view your results anytime after you have finished.


You may email a completed version to your instructor or a counselor.


To begin, click on the link for your program and login with the username and password below.


Brazosport College Students



username: brazosport
password: student

(979) 230-3040


Angleton ISD Dual Credit Students



username: Angleton
password: cats

Heather Dodge, Angleton Shared Counselor
(979) 230-3445


Brazosport ISD Dual Credit Students



username: brazosportisd
password: dual

Susan Phillips, Brazoswood

Shared Counselor
(979) 230-3445


Michelle Hendrick, Brazosport Shared Counselor
(979) 730-7260 x29215


Columbia-Brazoria ISD Dual Credit Students



username: Columbia
password: roughnecks

Melissa Blanks, Columbia Shared Counselor
(979) 799-1720 x2025


Sweeny ISD Dual Credit Students



username: Sweeny
password: bulldogs

Melissa Blanks, Sweeny Shared Counselor
(979) 491-8106