Respondus LockDown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser

About Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor

Respondus LockDown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor increases the security of test delivery in your online course. When students use Respondus LockDown Browser to access an exam, they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications. Once a quiz is started, students are locked into it until it’s submitted for grading. The Respondus Montior option further bolster security through the use of video recording capability during test taking. For a complete list of features, visit the Respondus web site at

View the Instructor Quick Start Guide to set up a quiz which requires students to use the LockDown Browser and Monitor.

If students are taking a quiz on campus there is no need to download and install anything to take a test that utilizes Respondus settings, but if they are taking the quiz at home OR at a proctoring location off campus they will need access to the respondus download URL described below.

Installing Resondus LockDown Browser

For students to use Respondus LockDown Browser, they will need to download the software using the following link that is specific for online learning at Brazosport College:

It is highly recommended students view the Quick Start Guide prior to taking a quiz which uses the LockDown Browser. This guide is the easiest way to get students running with LockDown Browser in your online course.

In addition, students should view LockDown Browser System Requirements for information on required operating systems and browsers.

Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor is a companion application for LockDown Browser that uses webcam and video technology to prevent cheating during online exams and is ideal for non-proctored testing. The monitor is an excellent addition for those students who are unable to come to campus or other proctor locations to take their midterm or finals.

If Respondus Monitor is enabled students are requested to walk through specific steps to enable computer webcam and monitor settings.

Instructors can view the Respondus Monitor Quick Start Guide and additional resources for more information on how to enable the monitor for use in quizzes.

Students can view the Respondus Monitor Quick Start Guide and Introduction to Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor video.

Respondus LDB Administrator

Linda McConnell
Office: A.202
Distance Learning
Phone: (979) 230-3368