Before your first meeting, please:

Download BC Connect

Watch the following videos:

“Growing Your Mind”, Khan Academy, (3:04 Minutes)

“Neuroplasticity”, Sentis, (2:03 Minutes)

Complete the following:

“Growth Mindset Assessment”, (Approx. 5 Minutes)

ACE it Syllabus - ACE it Syllabus 12.8 Final.pdf

For your scheduled meeting with your ACE it Coach, please complete the following:

Semester 1

First Meeting              Notes to Self 1.1.pdf

Second Meeting          Notes to Self 1.2.pdf 

Third Meeting             Notes to Self 1.3.pdf


Semester 2

First Meeting              Notes to Self 2.1.pdf

Second Meeting          Notes to Self 2.2.pdf


Semester 3

First Meeting              Notes to Self 3.1.pdf

Second Meeting          Notes to Self 3.2.pdf

Semester 4

First Meeting              Notes to Self 4.1.pdf

Second Meeting          Notes to Self 4.2.pdf