COVID19 Update for Students: March 19

COVID19 Update for Students: March 20

COVID19 Update for Students: March 20

Fri Mar 20, 2020 at 05:26 PM

We know this is a challenging time and we are here to help and support you.  As you prepare for classes to resume on March 23, here is some helpful information. Remember that your professor and every employee in every office at Brazosport College is dedicated to your success! 

  1. Campus is closed to students.
  2. Your classes will resume (online) starting Monday, March 23 unless your instructor notifies you otherwise.
  3. Learning services is closed. All tests/quizzes will occur online.
  4. Writing Center, Math Tutoring, and Supplemental Instruction will continue to be available in online formats.
  5. Library services will be available online, and librarians will be available during regular operating hours, including evenings.
  6. IT Helpdesk will be open extra late until 9:00 p.m. from Monday, March 23 to Thursday, March 26.
    For more information please visit: If you are having password trouble, please visit:
  7. CARE team will continue to be active so if you are struggling, please reach out to CARE.
  8. Counseling is available. If you wish to speak with a counselor instead of communicating through email only, you may request that in your email to
  9. Gator Mart is working out how to operate. More to come in the next few days.
  10. Student Wellness and Basic Needs resources and information is available to students. Please email or
  11. Admissions and Registrar offices are open and students may access them through the following:;; Admissions and Registrar chat
  12. Student Life is continuing to seek out resources for students. All resources will be posted on the COVID-19 webpage – please click on the Resources tab.
  13. Financial aid questions are to be directed to
  14. ACE it meetings (phone or online) will be conducted by alternate coaches. Only one ACE it meeting is required for the Spring 2020 semester.
  15. Check your Brazosport College email frequently, at least every day. Access your email account here:
  16. Answer your phone even if you don’t recognize the number. It may be someone at the college who needs to reach you.

Please remember that faculty and staff are also adjusting to a completely online environment. Let’s all be patient with each other. We look forward to ‘seeing’ you online!