Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology


What I Can Accomplish
Living along the Gulf Coast, we depend on climate-controlled environments. As the population and stock of building grows, so does the demand for heating and cooling systems. Heating, A/C and refrigeration (HART) technicians install, maintain and repair climate-control systems in buildings. They also work on refrigeration systems that store and transport food and medicine. HART technicians work in homes, retail buildings, hospitals, schools, office buildings and factories — anywhere there is climate-control equipment or refrigeration.
Brazosport College’s classes offer hands-on, real-world training taught by experienced faculty. Because HART systems are increasingly sophisticated, employers prefer to hire people trained at an accredited community college.
Where I Can Go
HART technicians may specialize in doing heating work or air conditioning or refrigeration work. The concern for energy conservation and higher emphasis on indoor air quality has created an even greater need for qualified technicians.


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