Process Technology

Training Unit @ Brazosport College

In Brazoria County, there are about 20 petrochemical companies that employ more than 14,000 individuals, making it the largest industry in our country. Process technicians are a central part of these petrochemical facilities. Process technicians operate production plants, troubleshoot problems and conduct lab analysis-ensuring the plant is running efficiently and safe. They work with instrumentation to monitor flow, level, pressure, temperature and chemical composition.
Brazosport College offers very practical, real-world training using training
units similar to the type of unit operations found in local area chemical plants.

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Gary Hicks
Division Chair
Office: HS.212Q
Phone: 979-230-3291
Fax: 979-230-3559

Deborah Moreno
AOS/Admin. Office Specialist
Office: HS.212P
Phone: 979-230-3618
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Jennifer Kennon
College/Industry Coordinator
Office: HS.212N
Phone: 979-230-3427
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Rebecca Harper
PT/Admin. Office Assistant
Office: HS.212M
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Chad Abney
Office: HS.212C
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Allen Baragar
Office: HS.212G
Phone: 979-230-3583
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Dr. Judy Chu
Office: HS.212D
Phone: 979-230-3435
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Ronald Colwell
Office: PT.102/BASF
Phone: 979-230-3384
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Gregg Curry
Office: HS.212E
Phone: 979-230-3158
Fax: 979-230-3559

Mark Farrar
Office: PT.101/BASF
Phone: 979-230-3270
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Kenny Resecker
Office: HS.212F
Phone: 979-230-3449
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Mark Stoltenberg
Office: HS.212K
Phone: 979-230-3339
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