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Best Practice Solution for: Creating Links

Accessibility Standard: Accurate Descriptions Should be Provided for Text Links

Reason: Accurate information of where links will lead users will help in navigating content and resources more effectively.


  • Provide clear and concise text descriptors about the nature of the link
  • Long lists of links should be organized in a logical manner
  • Avoid text links such as "Click here" since users with screen readers who jump from link to link or list links will only hear "Click here", "Click here", Click here"
  • If using a WYSIWYG editor, use the Title tag


Meets the standard:
To access the Brazosport web site use the following text link:


Access the Brazosport College Web site. (in this example, a Title tag was added to the HTML code, which when read by a screen reader includes additional information as to where the link will take the user)

Does not meet the standard:
To access the Brazosport College web site, click here.

Microsoft Office Word Descriptive Text

If using Word to create a web-based document make sure to type in a textual descriptor for the web address as opposed to just typing or pasting in the actual address. As a stand alone, a web address would make little sense to a screen reader.

To do this use the Insert Hyperlink option. Type or paste your web address, highlight the address and select "Hyperlink" in the file menu.

image shows how to access hyperlink option 

In the "Text to display:" area type in a short, concise description of the link and click OK.

image shows where to type in a link description 

WYSIWYG Editor Title Tag

Depending on the editor you use, there should be an option for adding Title tag to your Hyperlink.

In SeaMonkey, highlight the text you want to make into a hyperlink, click on Link in the file menu, type or paste in the web address in the "Link location" box

image shows where to access Links option 

Click the Advanced Edit.. button, select from the Title from the "Attribute" pull down menu and type in a short, concise description of where the link will take the user in the "Value" text block. Click OK when done.

image of adding a Title tag to a text link using SeaMonkey 


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