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The following submitted suggestions were chosen at random.

Suggestion: Since there are a lot of older people returning to college I suggest at least one mandatory face to face orientation meeting to (1) explain how the class is structured and (2) how to use D2L. It's frustrating to be smart and capable and not be able to work the d2l.

Response: We offer a Virtual Campus Tour each semester either on-campus or totally online. T
he tour provides an introduction to the Virtual Campus environment, available online support services, and general use of the most commonly used course management tools such as email, discussions, dropbox, and quizzes. RSVP for the next session today !

Suggestion : Just so the student can run a gauge on themselves and their progress, have something like a progress bar on the assessment, or grades tab.

Response : Each course comes with a "Progress" area which tracks your movement through the course. You can use this area to keep track of all of your course-specific assignments and feedback. Progress reports are available for the following tools: Grades, Content, Discussions, Dropbox, Quizzes, and login history.

You can access the progress area by using the course navigational menu and clicking on Assessments, then choosing your Progress (view pic1).


Suggestion : I liked Dr. Brandt's method of assigning a consistent due date for each lesson such as due Friday @ 11:59 pm. This gives me a window to arrange my study time and get the assignment turned in. When the instructor has various inconsistent due dates, I log on to find I have little time to complete it or even that I've missed the deadline. Very frustrating.

Consistency for me was very helpful and allowed me to complete my assignments on my schedule. I work, as most on-line students do, so arranging consistent turn in times, on the same day each week kept me from having to constantly log in to see if a surprise had been thrown my way.

Response: Thank you for the suggestion. Being able to include this in our list will be helpful advice for our online faculty and am sure Dr. Brandt appreciates the shout out.

Suggestion : Create an app.

Response : Did you know that you can access the Virtual Campus from any smart phone device? Just log into to the Virtual Campus using your iphone, ipad, or other device. In addition, there is something call the Binder which allows you offline course content and take full control over the organization and annotation of the documents. There is one for the iPad, Windows 8 and Android.

You will need to sign up for a free EduDentity account (username/password) in order to log into the Binder.

View Binder Promo | View Navigating the Binder

Download the free Binder or test out the new Beta version .


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