Youth & Teen Courses


En Garde! Join the beginner fencing class and learn basic fencing skills, attack and defense techniques, and move on to full speed bouting with electronic scoring. A fencing uniform will eventually be required, but the instructor has club equipment to loan initially, until you are sure you actually like the sport. Wear shorts, t-shirt, knee high athletic socks and sneakers. Enrollment is open to beginners age 11-13 and all returning students.

Location: Gym
Instructor: Kevin O'Neill
2477 CYOU9042A (01181T)    33 hrs.
9/5-11/19        M/W                5-6:30pm

Fencing Private Lessons

Students currently enrolled in a Fencing course may sign up for four 30-minute private lessons (one lesson per week for four weeks) per month. Lesson times will be scheduled by the instructor.

Location: Gym
Instructor: Kevin O'Neill, Clinton Mayhew
2478 CYOU9062 (01181T)      2 hrs.
2479 CYOU9062 (02181T)      2 hrs.
2480 CYOU9062 (03181T)      2 hrs.

SAT Classroom Test Prep

A great SAT score can equate to thousands of dollars in scholarship money and hundreds of thousands in earning potential, so the higher your SAT score the better! You will take an official retired SAT test the first day of class to identify the subject areas on which the instructor should focus to increase your test score. Based on your pre-test results you will use the Cambridge curriculum to reinforce skills, learn test mechanics and practice strategies to ace the test. You will take another official retired SAT test again on the last day of the course to determine your overall improvement. Class space is limited so register early. Textbook fee will be collected at registration and textbooks will be distributed at first class meeting.

Location: BC CENTRAL
Instructor: Melissa Butterfield
2481 CEDU9006 (01181T)      20 hrs.
9/8-9/29          S                      9am-2pm
$195 (Plus $100 textbook fee)


SAT Online Test Prep

What do “no penalty for guessing,” “no sentence completions” and “real world problems” bring to mind? The new SAT! These and an entirely new redesign of the test are just a few of the significant changes the College Board has made on the new SAT. Learn how you can be ready for the changes by preparing online in the convenience of your own home. You will receive 30 hours of access available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 5 months. This includes two online practice tests, lessons with explanations and a number of quizzes. Register when the time is right for you.

Location: ONLINE
2482 CEDU9006A (01181T)    30 hrs.
For more information call (979)230-3600.