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Brazosport Kids College offer engaging activities that help develop your student's skills and inspire new interests. Your student will learn to innovate, create, and explore different concepts—all while having fun!


En Garde! Join the beginner fencing class and learn basic fencing skills, attack and defense techniques, and move on to full speed bouting with electronic scoring. A fencing uniform will eventually be required, but the instructor has club equipment to loan initially, until you are sure you actually like the sport. Wear shorts, t-shirt, knee high athletic socks and sneakers. Enrollment is open to beginners age 11-13 and all returning students.

Location: Gym
Instructor: Kevin O'Neill

2682 CYOU9042A (1211T)             33 hrs.
9/8-11/22            M/W                  5-6:30pm

Fencing Private Lessons

Students currently enrolled in a Fencing course may sign up for four 30-minute private lessons (one lesson per week for four weeks) per month. Lesson times will be scheduled by the instructor.

Location: Gym
Instructor: Kevin O'Neill

2683 CYOU9062 (1211T)                2 hrs.
9/1-9/29               TBD                  TBD

2684 CYOU9062 (2211T)                2 hrs.
10/1-10/29          TBD                   TBD

Teen Cooking Series (Ages 13-17)

Teaching your kids to cook instills confidence and a sense of achievement when they finally make the perfect meal for their family. In this cooking series, teens will learn to prepare an entire meal, then sit and enjoy the fruits of their labor with new friends. Students will receive recipes to take home.

Location: BC Central, Face-to-Face Instruction
Instructor: Ross McCoy

Main Dishes – Chicken Alfredo & Beef Dish
8702 CTWN9062A(01204T)        4 hrs.
7/27                       T                9am-1pm

Desserts – Pie, Cookies, & Cheesecake
8703 CTWN9062B(01204T)        4 hrs.
8/10                       T                9am-1pm

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