Center For Legal Studies

The Center for Legal Studies is a legal education company focused on providing students with the most affordable and effective legal education possible. Our goal is to provide our students with the flexibility necessary to achieve their academic goals while continuing with their everyday lives. New classes start every eight weeks.


Legal Nurse Consultant Training

Building on your medical education and possible clinical experience, this course provides the RN and PA with fundamental skills necessary to advise law firms, health care providers, insurance companies, and government agencies regarding medically related issues and to appear in court as an expert witness.


Software Essentials for the Law Office

This dynamic course is designed for legal professionals interested in improving their skills and knowledge of commonly used computer technology and programs within the law office. Course topics include: computer operating systems and peripheral devices; time tracking and billing software; database, case management and docket control software; litigation support software; electronic discovery, trial presentation and graphics software.


Legal Secretary Certificate Course

This intensive program is designed for both beginning and experienced secretaries who are interested in improving their skills and working more efficiently within the law office.


Paralegal Certificate Course

This course is designed to train students to work as paralegals, provide advanced legal workers with additional skills, and educate students about the American legal system. During the 14-week course, you will learn how you can be of assistance in the exciting field of law. This course will provide you with a working knowledge of legal authority: how it is used in the litigation process and how to locate it through legal research.


Advanced Paralegal Certificate Course

(15 Specialty Topic Courses)

These classes are available to students who wish to build extensively upon their knowledge of law and paralegal studies with classes in specialized facets of contemporary law. Your study and concentration on substantively specific materials will enable you to gain a strong competitive edge over other paralegals. The additional training gained through participation in these advanced classes will embellish your legal knowledge and skills, which in turn should increase your salary and marketability. Those who successfully complete at least six advanced topics will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

$300 each