English as a Second Language (ESL) Courses

ESL/Citizenship Orientation

This is a required session that all ESL/Citizenship students must attend prior to start of regular classes. Paperwork and pre-testing will be completed during this session. The student will only need to attend one (1) orientation session.

These are grant funded classes and offered at no charge.

Location: BC Central

6456 CGOV9000 (43183T)      3 hrs.
4/25                   R                 6-9pm

ESL Classes

Come learn English and Civics in a supportive and fun adult learning environment. This course is designed to give adults with limited English language skills the opportunity to practice reading, writing, and speaking English while learning about our community, government, and culture.

These are grant funded classes and offered at no charge.

Location: BC Central

6458 CGOV9366 (18183T)      72 hrs.
4/30-5/20        T/W/R             6-9pm

Citizenship Classes

Citizenship classes are offered for free to prepare students for the United States Citizenship Exam. The course reviews the content of the Citizenship Exam so students obtain skills necessary to become US Naturalized Citizens.

The road to becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States can be a challenging and confusing process. Our knowledgeable and friendly instructors will assist immigrants in improving their English language skills, understanding residency and citizenship processes, and learning the rights and responsibilities of being citizens. Students will also study U.S. history and government facts to help them prepare for the naturalization interview. Space is limited.

This class is grant funded and offered at no charge.

None available at this time.

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