AP 2


Our labs are "hands on," active learning environments where YOU take the initiative for learning.  Learn about the cardiovascular, digestive, lymphatic, respiratory, urinary and reproductive systems. pH and acid-base balance are covered as well.

Check out this lab section for links to required materials to bring to each lab, required videos, required articles, etc.




 Life Support


Feel like you're drowning and about to go under?

Let a BC 'Life Guard' (a.k.a. S.I. - Supplemental Instructor) show you how to save yourself. S.I.s are students who have already been successful in the same course you're taking. They can show you how to learn and have fun doing it.




 Learning Playground


A collection of cool videos, interesting articles, activities, etc. related to lecture and labs.  Some will be "Wow, that's amazing."  Others will be "OH!!! That's sooooo gross."  Others are just plain fun.


 All Instructors


Links to the coolest instructors on the planet.

Believe it or not... instructors are human. No, really, we are. We love to be contacted by motivated students interested in the same things we are. Yes, it's true... a few students have had their heads bitten off, chewed up, and spit out but it is rare. So go ahead and give us a call.