What is psychology?

Many have a misconception that psychology is all about therapy and counseling, specifically with people who suffer from major mental disorders, but that is only a small part of what psychology is all about.  Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes; not just abnormal/disordered behavior but ALL behavior and mental processes.  Psychology deals with many interesting topics including sensation and perception, learning, memory, social influences, personality, and aging.


Why should I study psychology?

Many students who study psychology are surprised at how much they learn about themselves and the people around them.  After studying psychology, you may view the world just a little differently as you gain a better understanding of human nature.  Psychology may be especially beneficial to those planning to go into the fields of education, social services, nursing, etc., but an understanding of basic psychology can be helpful in any field.


What psychology courses can I take at Brazosport College?

We offer several psychology courses at Brazosport College each semester.  

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