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Pathways For Transfer

Transferring to another institution can often be a complicated process. Below are some general guidelines to help you select the appropriate pathway in mathematics. For specific transfer information, Brazosport College recommends that you consult a counselor.


Core Curriculum
Many students choose Brazosport College as a starting point for their educational career, where they complete the core curriculum. All students earning a baccalaureate degree in the State of Texas are required to complete all areas of the core. Math 1342, Statistics, is part the core curriculum at Brazosport College, and satisfies the core requirement in mathematics.
According to state law, if a student completes the core at any public institution in the state, including Brazosport College, they are considered “Core Complete” at ANY other public institution in the state. It does NOT matter if the core at another institution is different. Therefore, if the degree you wish to pursue only requires mathematics as part of the core curriculum, you should complete the Statistics Pathway.
The Brazosport College core curriculum can be found in the Brazosport College Catalog.
General Pathway Recommendations for Transfer
  • If you plan to pursue a degree in science, technology, mathematics, or engineering, you should select the Algebra Pathway. Many other required courses will have algebra as a prerequisite.

  • If you plan to pursue a degree in business, finance, or marketing, you should select the Algebra Pathway. You will also be required to take both MATH 1324 and MATH 1325.

  • If you plan to pursue a degree in elementary education, you should select the Algebra Pathway. You will also be required to take MATH 1350 and MATH 1351.

  • For all other degrees, Brazosport College recommends the Statistics Pathway. Consult a counselor to create a specific transfer plan.

If you are unsure of your future educational plans, Brazosport College recommends the Algebra Pathway.