Finding Help

No one successfully completes a mathematics course on their own. There will be times when you will need help. Your first “line of defense” is your instructor. Brazosport College provides each instructor with an office, equipped with a door for you to knock on! Be sure to communicate with your instructor during posted office hours or through appointment.


  • Brazosport College also offers drop in mathematics tutoring, free of charge, in the Student Success Center. The center is located upstairs in the front of the main building, right above the information desk.Click on the following link to access available hours, contact information, and other services offered by the SSC.


  • Mathematics Faculty: Each faculty member in the math department has an office equipped with a door for you to knock on! We are happy to meet with you and help you with whatever you might be struggling with. Don't be bashful. Our contact information is to the right.


  • Your Classmates: Don't forget that other men and women are taking this class with you! Forming study groups is a great way to get help and to help others. The BEST way to learn mathematics is to discuss your work with others. If you do form study groups, research shows that the presense of good food leads to higher exam scores!