Dual Credit Options

Dual credit study offers high school students an opportunity to earn college credit while fulfilling high school requirements. Brazosport College offers students several choices for completing dual credit study in mathematics.


Why Take College Level Math in High School?


  1. Numerous national studies have shown that the sooner a student completes their math requirement in college, the more likely they are to complete a bachelor’s degree.


  1. Students who complete a college level mathematics course while in high school will NEVER have to take a developmental math course in college.This is significant because over two thirds of college students nationwide require at least one semester of developmental mathematics.

  2. If you are planning to major in something that only requires a core curriculum mathematics course (i.e. Sociology, History, etc), you’ll be done with your math requirement BEFORE you ever go to college.

  3. If you are planning to major in something that may require numerous math courses (i.e. Engineering, Physics, etc), you will already be two courses ahead on that road.

What Are My Course Options?


Typically, all dual credit math students take Math 1314, College Algebra during the fall semester of either their junior or senior year. For the spring semester, there are several options, including:


Math 1316: Trigonometry (For plans in science, engineering, etc)

Math 1324: Math for Business/Economics I (For plans in business, finance, etc)

Math 1342: Statistics: (For plans in social sciences, political science, etc)

Math 1350: Fundamentals of Math I (For plans in education)

Options and requirements vary by high school, so we recommend that you work with your dual credit counselor to determine the best choice.


Who Should I Contact?


The Dual Credit at BC website has a wealth of information available, including contact information. This site also contains information about tuition, enrollment procedures, and other dual credit classes offered.