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Preparing For Placement

Until August 25, 2013, Brazosport College will continue to use the COMPASS Placement System, created by ACT.  On August 26, 2013, Brazosport College will use Accuplacer, as required by the State of Texas.  These tests are designed to help students select the correct starting point in mathematics and English. Most students are required to take the math, reading, and/or writing portion of the COMPASS before enrolling in their first semester.

Preparing for the COMPASS test is critical to ensure that you are accurately placed. If you are placed too high, you may enroll in a course you are not prepared for. If you are placed too low, you will waste time and money on a course you do not need. To help you prepare, this page contains general information about the COMPASS test, practice tests provided by ACT, and links to online resources to help dust off any cobwebs that have accumulated on your past knowledge and skills.

Is the COMPASS test required?
The COMPASS test is required for any student enrolled in an academic course of study, unless a student is exempt based on defined criteria. Your counselor will help you determine if you are exempt or if you need to take the placement tests.Students entering Brazosport College to earn a certificate in a skill or trade (i.e. Automotive Technology) are not required to take the placement tests.
How Math COMPASS Placement Scores are Used
The COMPASS math placement test will start with questions from beginning algebra. If you do well on this portion of the test, COMPASS will increase the level and difficulty of the questions until the test “finds” your skill level. Once this happens, COMPASS will generate your Algebra placement score. If you struggle with beginning algebra questions, COMPASS will switch you to the Numerical Skills test. If this happens, COMPASS will generate two placement scores, Algebra and Numerical Skills. Your counselor will help you interpret scores and place you in the correct course.
ACT COMPASS Information
ACT has published several resources for you to review before taking the COMPASS test, include sample test questions. Read through each of the following links before you take the COMPASS test. Note that some links will require Adobe Acrobat review to view.
Reviewing for the Math Placement Test
Algebra Learning Modules : These modules address all the major foundational skills taught in Prealgebra, Beginning Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra. Each module, organized by course and topic, contains a short video and a handful of practice problems (solutions included). To prepare for the COMPASS placement test, it is recommended that you work through the modules in order. If you reach material that you have never seen before, you should stop. You are welcome to discuss your work with any BC tutor or faculty member.
Calculator Guidelines
When you take the COMPASS test, you will have access to an on-screen scientific calculator. If you prefer a hand held calculator, the testing staff will provide you with one. Please DO NOT bring your own calculator to the COMPASS test.
COMPASS Testing Schedule, Fees, and Registration
For the most up to date schedule of testing dates available, visit the Counseling and Testing Website . You must register in person at the front desk of the college prior to the testing day. The fee for COMPASS testing is $29.00.