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Individualized Transitional Mathematics

Program Description


Many students are unsuccessful in traditional lecture based mathematics courses, not because of lack of effort, but because their busy lives make it difficult to come to class, access help, or complete assignments in a timely fashion. Work and family obligations often conflict with the rigors of higher education, especially in mathematics.


Brazosport College now offers students the option to complete their transitional (developmental) mathematics requirement in a self-paced, flexible learning environment. Interested? Here’s how it works:

  • First, you enroll in MATH 0410: Individualized Transitional Mathematics I.Even though the curriculum is self-paced, you will have an instructor and scheduled class time.

  • Select the pathway best suited for your course of study, either the Algebra Pathway (leading to College Algebra) or the Statistics Pathway (leading to either Statistics or Industrial Mathematics).

  • The Algebra Pathway consists of 15 modules, the Statistics Pathway 10 modules. To move on to college level coursework, all modules must be completed.

  • Each module consists of a pretest, video instruction, computer generated practice problems, and a module mastery exam. If you demonstrate mastery on the pretest, you can immediately proceed to the next module.In this manner, you will only work through modules you need, accelerating the time necessary to complete transitional mathematics.

  • To earn a passing grade in MATH 0410, you must complete a minimum of 5 modules. If you do not complete 5 modules, you must register again for MATH 0410, but you may begin where you left off the previous semester.

  • If you do not complete all 15 of the modules in MATH 0410 (your first semester), you will register for MATH 0411, Individualized Transitional Mathematics II (second semester) and resume your work where you left off the previous semester. For example, if you complete nine modules in your first semester of study, you only need to complete 6 in the second semester. As before, a minimum of 5 modules (or less if that is all that remains) must be completed for a passing grade.

  • If a third semester is required, you will register for MATH 0412, Individualized Transitional Mathematics III and complete your remaining modules.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What textbook do I purchase for this course?

A: You will only need to purchase an access code for the software. This includes an electronic copy of the text, plus all the videos, practice problems, and exams.The access code will be good for several semesters, so regardless of how long you need to complete the work, you only need to purchase the code once!


Q: Will this format involve less work than the traditional courses?

NO! The work in this type of course (video lecture, practice problems, etc.) will be the same as a traditional course. It’s just more flexible.


Q: Where does the class meet?

A: Your class will meet in F-102, the Mathematics Achievement Center at Brazosport College. The center features 35 student workstations and plenty of space to spread out your stuff and work.


Q: Will the lab be open at other times?

You bet! The lab will post open hours when students can work outside of scheduled class time. Tutors will be available in the lab.


Q: Can I work from my computer at home?

A: Absolutely! All videos and practice problems are available online, 24 hours a day. The only part of the course that must be done during class time are tests.


Q: What if I don’t pass a module test?

If you don’t score high enough on a module test, the software will help you identify where you’re still struggling and generate more practice work. You will also work directly with your instructor who will help you address what went wrong.


Q: Will I work with other students in the class?

A: Even though the course is self-paced, you will complete several “pencil and paper” assignments with other classmates. Working with others in the class greatly increases your chances of success. Your instructor will let you know how this will work.


Q: What if I finish the last module in the middle of the semester?

THEN YOU’RE DONE!!! Once you have finished the course, we will update our student information system to indicate that you are ready for college level math.


Q: Why would I choose the Algebra Pathway, which is 15 modules, instead of the Statistics Pathway, which is only 10? Isn’t shorter better?

A: Your chosen pathway should be determined ONLY by what degree you are trying to earn. If you are trying to earn a degree that requires College Algebra, you must complete the Algebra Pathway. The Statistics Pathway is not designed to prepare you for College Algebra and you would be harming yourself if you chose that pathway. Please see your instructor or a counselor if you do not know which pathway is right for you.


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