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Choosing Your Course

The Department of Mathematics offers courses for all degree plans in a variety of formats to meet your needs. Below are descriptions of the different types of instructional formats. Please consult the current class schedule to see what is offered in a specific semester.
Tips for Selecting Your Course
  • You would never buy a car without test driving it first, right? Before you sign up for a course, take a moment to talk with the instructor listed. Ask them how they teach, what types of instruction they use, how many tests they give, etc. DO NOT ASK IF THEIR CLASS IS EASY!
  • Read the syllabus for the class you are interested in taking. All syllabi are listed on the Brazosport College web site.
  • If you are interested in an online or hybrid course, ask the instructor to show you how the class works. Get a feel for the class and what it requires before you sign up.
  • If your job schedule is unpredictable, look for an instructor who is teaching both a day section and an evening section. While this is not always possible, it can give you some flexibility if your work schedule changes.
  • Do NOT select your class solely on the input of another student. While peer input can be valuable, each learner is different and what may work for one student may not work for another.
Types of Transitional (Developmental) Mathematics Courses
Traditional Instruction: These classes meet two days per week for about two hours. Classroom activity includes both traditional lectures and small group activity. Each instructor structures their class differently.
Individualized Transitional Mathematics: This program allows students to complete their transitional mathematics requirement in a self-paced course. This program is ideal for busy students trying to balance work, family, and education. Click on the linked title for more information.
Types of College Level Mathematics Courses
Traditional Instruction: These classes meet two days per week for at least 75 minutes. Class time is typically used for traditional lecture. Each instructor structures their class differently.
Online Courses: The math department offers several courses online. These courses are video based, with all lecture being taught through streaming video, which can be paused and reviewed. While some quizzes may be taken online, all exams are given in the testing center in Learning Services on the Brazosport College Campus. Typically, the instructor will designate a window of time (i.e. one week) for you to take the exam.
Hybrid Courses: Hybrid offerings are a blend of classroom activity and online learning. Lecture is done online through streaming video, which can be paused and reviewed. The class meets once per week for student questions and a variety of hands on activities. The advantage to a hybrid course is that class time is not used for lecture instruction, leaving MORE time for questions and practice.
VCT Courses: You may take courses online through other colleges through the Virtual College of Texas . Your grade in the course is transcripted here at BC, even though the class is taught online by an instructor at another college. If you are interested in VCT courses, contact Terry Comingore in Learning Services for more information and enrollment procedures.
Needed Classroom Materials
Textbooks: While the Department of Mathematics has adopted a set of common textbooks, there is some variation from instructor to instructor.Please contact the Brazosport College bookstore for more information. Be sure that you know what text you’ll need BEFORE you purchase your materials.
Calculators: Many college level courses require a graphing calculator, but this requirement varies from instructor to instructor. If a calculator is required, we recommend either the TI-83 or TI-84. The TI-89 and TI-92 are NOT permitted. Contact the instructor of the class you are taking to find out if a calculator is required.