Welcome to the Honors Program!

The goal of the Brazosport College Honors Program is to provide a curriculum that attracts high quality students who are high achieving, and want to take their education to a higher level.  To achieve this goal we have compiled a collection of courses and experiences that are designed to enrich the education of our students.

Honors course sections emphasize participatory discussion and hands on experience.

Honors credit can be earned through enrollment in Honors designated courses or by doing advanced work in a regularly scheduled course through individual instructor/student contracts.

Students are encouraged to participate in undergraduate research and present their results at regional and national conferences.

Special recognition for Honors program participation is given to students at graduation according to the number of Honors credt hours earned.

  • 12 hours and above receives the Vice President's Scholar award.
  • 18 hours and above receives the President' Scholar award.
  • 24 hours and above receives the Regent's Scholar award.