Links to the Accountability and Grade Book Excel Workbooks

Below are links to two Excel workbooks.
One (the Accountability Sheet) will take the answers from your test questions in D2L and in a very credible way give a score on your learning objectives. You need to decide what learning objectives go with each question (sounds hard but is relatively easy--and it will remain the same as long as the test does not change). There are links to video files (Camtasia) that show the actual operation and there are instructions on one of the sheets of the workbook (with pictures of how D2L should look).
The links to the video demonstrations of how the accountability sheet works are given below. You may need to copy/paste these links rather than click on them. the link to the video that shows you how to find the learning objectives in the FAS system, identify which learning objectives go with which question, and enter them into the Excel sheet to be used for generating a grade from each student on each learning objective. the link to the video that shows you how to download, clean up, and sort data from a D2L test. This is the easy part of the activity. the link to the video that shows you how to enter multiple tests into the Excel Workbook and then calculate scores for each learning objective based on the combined set of tests.


Once you have done the things above, you go to Sheet 3 and with one click calculate a grade for each of your learning objectives. You can tell anyone who asks that you did this and they will be impressed--I think. And it is completely objective.
The “Magical Excel Grade Book” is designed to take student names and information from the places that Brazosport College gives them to us (Marfa or the FAS system) and automatically place them into the workbook. The computer may (or not) ask you if you want to open the file in Excel and this is what you want to do. Cancel any requests for a password, etc. You will have to “activate the content” using the button at the top of the Excel page (if it is there) before you can use the automation in the file. In a couple of minutes you can add your students, prepare almost any grading scheme, and have it automatically formatted for printing. You can drop grades from a group of grades (and undrop them if you don't like the results this gives). You can easily delete activities that you did not do this semester or add new ones at any point. You can do all this without needing to modify any Excel formulas. This is intended to be EASY to do. Mostly, you just have to let the workbook do the heavy lifting.


The Camtasia Video file that demonstrates how to use the Grade Book can be found at this link: . This takes a little time to open and runs about 36 minutes. It should begin by talking about how you put names into the Grade Sheet. The video covers almost all the things the worksheet does. There are also instructions in the grade book itself that are useful once you have a good idea how the workbook operates.


If you want to use either of these Excel workbooks and want some coaching on them, please call me (or write). If you want, I can set up your grading plan in minutes. It is the most fun that I have on most days.