Isaiah G. Schauer, PhD
Isaiah Schauer
Brazosport College
Math & Life Sciences
Chair of the Division of Math & Life Sciences, Associate Professor of Biology
Office  LocationHS-225L


I was born and raised in Wilsonville, Oregon, in the beautiful Willamette Valley region of the Pacific Northwest. While growing up, my parents fostered and fully supported a passion for music. After high school, I attended Clackamas Community College on a full-ride scholarship for Music. I struggled for the first year as pre-Music major, eventually deciding to take a break from formal schooling. One year later, finding a strong determination to pursue science, I attended a different school, Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. My parents were instrumental in their encouragement and support, allowing me to pursue science and an eventual college degree.

Initially, I intended on taking courses that would transfer into a Geology or Volcanology major. But it was at this point in my academic career that a major turning point occurred: Organic Chemistry with Dr. Wendell "Green" Pepperdine. He truly inspired me with his passion for science, commitment to research, and accomplishments in teaching others (both at Lane CC and at a major University of California). Dr. Pepperdine gave up hours of his time to sit in his office with me, discussing in-depth things like research opportunities, the structure of academia, pursuing a research-track Ph.D. career, and what graduate-level programs are like.

Because of the inspiration and encouragement of Dr. Pepperdine and my family, I not only received my A.A. from Lane, but I attended Oregon State University and received my B.S. in the dual-major Biochemistry and Biophysics program. There I met another influential and motivating mentor, Dr. Christopher Mathews, who strongly encouraged me to apply for doctoral research programs at schools all over the US. By far the most impressive interviews were at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

I got to Texas as quick as I could to attend BCM, receiving my Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences with an emphasis on understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying prostate cancer and the prostate enlargement disease called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. My mentor, Dr. David Rowley, and my amazing wife Michele both worked diligently to convince me that my talent and passion was for teaching. Most Life science masters or doctoral graduate programs at State Universities (like UTRGV or A&M) involve the requirement that grad students work as a TA or an RA in undergrad or graduate coursework. This is not so at BCM, or at similar institutions like Johns Hopkins, which only train graduate and medical students in the research-hospital model. So, I volunteered as a student research mentor, judged middle school science fairs, taught international research fellows various research techniques - - pursuing anything that afforded me experience in teaching.

After finishing my degree at BCM, I decided to apply for teaching positions, and was hired as an adjunct faculty member at the University of St. Thomas, primarily because the Chair of Biology decided she would to take a chance on me. I thoroughly enjoyed the small classroom environment, where I could answer questions and really stimulate student creativity. I taught full time for a year, mentoring several students on independent research projects, and enjoyed every moment. But then the full impact of the Great Recession hit UST in 2009 and, like other unfortunate part-time adjunct faculty members, I was forced to find another position quickly.

I dove back into the intense research environment as a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, where I studied the intricacies of reciprocal interaction between relatively normal fibroblasts and adjacent tumor cells in the development and progression of ovarian cancer. After 2 years of concentrated research, scientific manuscript publication, writing external grant funding applications, and teaching research techniques to visiting research fellows - - I awoke to the realization (yet again) that teaching was truly my passion and calling. After applying to several colleges and universities in the area, I was lucky to become a part of the Life Sciences faculty here at Brazosport College.

I currently teach General Biology 1 lecture (BIOL 1306) and laboratory (BIOL 1106), General Biology 2 lecture (BIOL 1307) and laboratory (BIOL 1107), Environmental Science 1 lecture (ENVR 1301) and laboratory (ENVR 1101), Environmental Science 2 lecture (ENVR 1302) and laboratory (ENVR 1102), Anatomy & Physiology 1 lecture (BIOL 2301) and laboratory (BIOL 2101), and Anatomy & Physiology 2 lecture (BIOL 2302) and laboratory (BIOL 2102). Occasionally, I teach a section of Nutrition (BIOL 1322), Microbiology lecture (BIOL 2320) or laboratory (BIOL 2120) as needed in the faculty teaching rotation. Also, I teach a course I initiated in 2014 and am very passionate about – Genetics (BIOL 2316). This course prepares any student planning on a health science or life science career to take, and be at the very top of, any required undergrad junior course in Genetics. Although the academic credits for Genetics may only transfer as elective credits, the knowledge and understanding you gain from this course will indeed ‘transfer’ with you to university and beyond.

My goal each semester is to inspire & motivate all of my students to believe in themselves, seeing themselves as smart and gifted, so that they have the confidence to pursue their dream careers! I also tell a lot of dad-jokes and silly stories about parenting our brilliant & hilarious toddler James. Similarly, it is also my goal to develop productive, collaborative, & collegial relationships with all faculty and staff members at BC. 

My contact info is at the top of the page. Feel free to email or call me if you have academic guidance or course content questions. 

See you in class!


Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences, Baylor College of Medicine
B.S. Biochemistry/Biophysics, Oregon State University
A.A. Transfer Degree, Lane Community College


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Awards & Honors

Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology Graduate Student Symposium 3rd Place Platform Speaker Award - Baylor College of Medicine, April 2005

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Graduate Student Symposium 3rd Place Poster Award - Baylor College of Medicine, April 2006

Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology Graduate Student Symposium 3rd Place Platform Speaker Award - Baylor College of Medicine, April 2007

Mentor for Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society - University of St. Thomas, 2008-2009

Center for Faculty Excellence Thank-A-Prof honoree - University of St. Thomas, February 2009

National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development & the League for Innovation in Community Colleges John & Suanne Roueche Excellence in Teaching Award - Brazosport College, 2014-2015 Academic year