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Syllabus (Summer 2014) MW Class        
Lab 2: Acids and Bases       
Lab 3. Biologically Important Molecules                    
Lab 4: Cells and Diffusion            
Lab 5: Diffusion and Osmosis      
Lab 6: Enzymes          
Lab 11: PCR and a Movie (Gattaca)        
***Complete the lecture notes (using your textbook) prior to coming to class***

Lectures for Exam #1
Review Guide       

**Exam #1 Grades and Stats (MW Class)**    
Lectures for Exam #2
Chapter 5. Biological Membranes          
Chapter 4. Organization of the Cell        
Chapter 6. Cell Communication              

Review Guide        
**Exam #2 Grades and Stats**        


Lectures for Exam #3

Review Guide       

**Exam #3 Grades and Stats**    

Lectures for Exam #4

Chapter 10. Meiosis       

Punnett Square Worksheet #2                
**Exam #4 Grades and Stats**



Lectures for Exam #5
Chapter 13. Gene Expression               
Chapter 14. Gene Regulation
Chapter 15. DNA Technology

Chapter 16. Human Genome

Exam #5 Study Guide      
**Final Course Averages**
**Final Exam: MW Class - May 5   5:00-7pm** 
**Final Exam: TR Class -   May 1   8:00-10am**