Funkhouser, Kate

Kate Funkhouser

Communications & Fine Arts

Professor of Spanish and Division Chair, Communications & Fine Arts


Office Location: B-224


Ph.D University of New Mexico
M.A. Vanderbilt University
B.A. Goucher College




Dissertation: The Sick Heart of the House Explodes: Quantum Anarchy in Three Novels by Latin American Women. Spatial and temporal constructs in three works—The Island of the Dead by Lya Luft, The Hour of the Star by Clarice Lispector, and She Has Reddish Hair and Her Name Is Sabina by Julieta Campos—exemplify a postmodern and feminist shift away from Newtonian physics toward a quantum theory where time and space merge. Fragmentation and interruption effectively prevent completion in a Newtonian sense.“
Poetry Publications
"Anything Made.” Salt Hill 9 (Winter 2000): 44.
“Magnolia.” Salt Hill 9 (Winter 2000): 45.
"The Bottle in the Sea." Defined Providence 7 (1999); 18.
“Cancer.” Poet Lore 92.1 (Spring 1997): 18.
“Kitchen.” The Midwest Quarterly 38.3 (Spring 1997): 307.
“Little Rooms.” Sulphur River Literary Review 13.1 (Vernal Equinox 1997): 44.
“Not So Little Rooms.” Sulphur River Literary Review 13.1 (Vernal Equinox 1997): 45.
“Charleston.” Flyway Literary Review 2.3 (Winter 1996): 26.
“March.” Flyway Literary Review 2.3 (Winter 1996): 27.
“The Female Always Plays Horse.” Hawaii Review 20.2 (Fall/Winter 1996): 218.
“Violet.” The Seattle Review 17.2 (Fall/Winter 1994): 7.
“A Rock or a Flower or a Voice.” Houston Poetry Fest Annual 9 (1993): 26.
“The Reading of Tea Leaves.” Permafrost 15 (Spring 1993): 42.
“The New Year.” Permafrost 15 (Spring 1993): 43.
“The Photo.” Permafrost 15 (Spring 1993): 44.

Awards & Honors

Tinker Field Research Grant for research at two institutes in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil ▫ Instituto de Literatura Popular and Arquivo de Afranio Coutinho ▫ Included interviews of contemporary writers Sergio Sant’anna and Maria Melo
Curso de Férias Grant for study of Portuguese language, literature and popular culture ▫ Universidade de Coimbra ▫ Coimbra, Portugal