Fenn, William

William Fenn

Brazosport College

Computer Technology & Office Administration

Assistant Professor, Computer Technology/Off Admin


Office Location: D-207

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Feel free to contact me at william.fenn@brazosport.edu or 979-230-3261 for questions about any Computer Technology courses, degrees, etc... 

About the Computer Technology Program:

Do you use a cell phone? When was the last time you filled up with gas, used an ATM, or self-checkout system at Walmart?

Computers are hiding in plain sight everywhere in the modern world.  Don't let the name of "Computer Technology" degree limit your thinking about job possibilities to "just a PC technician".  CableTV companies, telephone companies, and virtually all industries are also using the same digital, computer-based technologies.   We have designed the Computer Technology degree to provide a broad knowledge base to fit the needs of all of those different computer-based jobs and digitally-based industries.

About me:

After graduating from high school in 1981, I spent 9 years in the U.S. Navy as:

  • an Electronics Warfare technician,
  • personal computer systems technician,
  • group-paced instructor,
  • training department supervisor,
  • classified publications custodian,
  • physical security officer,
  • and terminal / computer area security officer.

The highest rank I attained in the U.S. Navy was E-7 / Electronics Warfare Chief Petty Officer - EWC(SW).

I have worked at Brazosport College since Jan. 1991 as:

  • an Instructional Media Technician,
  • Information Systems Specialist,
  • part-time Computer Technology faculty (1997-2001),
  • and full-time Computer Technology faculty from 2001 to the present.

I have been trained on and worked with the evolution of electronics from vacuum tubes to transistors to integrated circuits.

I have installed, operated, and maintained the first personal computers in business settings from:

  • the Xerox 860 Information Processing System,
  • to Zenith 120 and 248 PCs,
  • to IBM PCs and all other evolutions of personal computers since.

I have worked with wide area networked personal computers (before the public Internet) in military and business settings, and with the Internet since Brazosport College became the first Internet Service Provider in the Brazosport area in 1995.

I have installed and maintained:

  • analog and digital PBX telephone systems,
  • analog and digital satellite systems,
  • and designed analog television and CATV distribution systems.

I have written programs for and designed a touchscreen multimedia information kiosk.

I have designed, installed, operated, maintained the equipment and delivered multimedia presentations using:

  • video projectors with computers,
  • Polycom videoconferencing classroom systems using CATV, ISDN, and IP channels
  • overhead projectors,
  • VCR's, Video discs, CDs, DVDs,
  • opaque projectors,
  • 16mm movie projectors,
  • 35mm slide projectors.



A.A.S. - Computer Technology - Brazosport College

Other Colleges and Universities attended:
    City Colleges of Chicago (U.S. Navy PACE program)
    University of Arkansas
    University of Houston

Certified Network Systms Technician (CNST) from ETA-I since 1998
Senior Certified Electronics Technician (CETsr) - Computer Option - from ETA-I since 1997
Certified Customer Service Specialist (CSS) from ETA-I since 1997

Experience as a personal computer maintenance and support technician since 1985.
Experience with network systems since 1988 and Internet systems since 1995.