AP1 2301 and 2101

Fall 2018

General Information

MDufilhos Fall 2018 Schedule.pdf

BIOL 2301 Mickey Dufilho Syllabus.pdf

Semester at a Glance Fall 2018

How to calculate your Lecture Grade

Exam Format and SI credit

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Study Techniques the 'A' students use.pdf

Lab Information

Lab Handouts - Print BEFORE coming to lab.  To print lab worksheets go to Life Sciences Website called Web of Life at www.brazosport.edu/weboflife

BIOL 2101 Mickey Dufilho Syllabus.pdf

Lab Usage Schedule AP1 HS222 Fall 2018.pdf

Lab Schedule Fall 2018

How to calculate your lab grade

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Lab 1 Cavities, organs, serous membranes, Fall 2016.pdf

Lab 2 Integumentary System, Synovial Joints, Membrane.pdf

Lab 7 - Cranial Nerves and Pain_revised.pdf

Lab 8 Movements allowed by synovial joints.pdf

Lab 8 Muscles of head, neck and torso.pdf

Lab 9 Muscles, Arm and Leg, self quiz.pdf

Lab 10 Endocrine.pdf


Lab 11Notes Videos.pdf


Lecture Information

Study Guides

Study Guide 1 Fall 2018.pdf

Study Guide 2 Fall 2018.pdf

Study Guide 3 Fall 2018.pdf

Study Guide 4 Fall 2018.pdf


Lectures for Test 1

1 - Lecture 1 Homeostasis.pdf

1 - Lecture 2 Plasma Membrane and cell transport.pdf

1 - Lecture 3 Chemistry V10.pdf

1 - Lecture 4 Tissues V10.pdf

CARBOHYDRATES, lipids and proteins handout.pdf

Worksheet on Tissue Types .pdf

1 - Lecture 5 Inflammation and Tissue Repair.pdf

Possible Essay Questions for Exam 1.pdf

Application Worksheets

Chap 1 Concept Map on Homeostasis.pdf

Chap 1 Homeostasis.pdf

Chap 2 Organic Compounds.pdf

Chap 3 Membrane Transport.pdf

Chap 4 Tissue Repair.pdf

Lectures for Test 2

2 Lec 1 Resting Membrane _Action Potential V10.pdf

2 Lec 2 Covering_Lining Membranes V10.pdf

2 Lec 3 Muscle Physiology V10.pdf

2 Lec 4 Muscle Metabolism V10.pdf

Possible Essay Questions for Exam 2.pdf

Worksheet for Covering and Lining Membranes.pdf

Lectures for Test 3

3 Lec 1 Bone Physiology V10.pdf

3 Lec 2 NS1 - Organization of NS, Review RMP V10.pdf

3 Lec 3 NS2 - Sleep and Memory V10.pdf

3 Lec 4 NS3- CSF, Blood Brain Barrier, CVA V10.pdf

3 Lec 5 Autonomic Nervous System V10.pdf

Neurotransmitters Revised for V10.pdf

Possible Essay Questions for Exam 3.pdf

 Lectures for Test 4

4 Lec 1 Endocrine V10.pdf

4 Lec 2 Endocrine V10.pdf

Lab 11 Hormone hall of fame Handout Rev 11_12_12.pdf

Possible Essay Questions for Exam 4.pdf