ITNW 1351

Fundamentals of Wireless LANs

Credit - 3 hours

Prerequisites - ITSC 1305 & ITNW 1325 or consent of division chair

Lecture Hours Per Week - 2

Lab Hours Per Week - 2

Catalog Description: Designing, planning, implementing, operating, and troubleshooting wireless LANs (WLANs). Includes WLAN
design, installation, and configuration; and WLAN security issues and vendor interoperability strategies.
Text:      CWNA Certified Wireless Network Administrator - Official Study Guide (4th Ed.),
               McGraw-Hill, 2008
Instructor:     Ron Bonnette
                       Office: D-201B
                       Phone: 979-230-3394
                                           (Please limit email to class business.)
                       FAX: 979-230-3277
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Grades: Grades will be determined by the following system:

                                             Unit Tests (3)                                       60%
                                             Labs & Quizzes                                   20%
                                             Final Examination                               20%

Make-up Work: No labs will be made up. Instead, one of the lab grades will be dropped before averaging. If a student misses more than one lab, s/he will be given a zero. Test make-up will be handled on an individual basis.

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