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Lecture Notes 




1.  Angles and Their Measure ME  1         
2.  Right Triangle Trigonometry ME  2
 ME  3
4.  Trigonometric Functions of General Angles ME  4
5.  Unit Circle Approach; Properties of Trigonometric Functions ME  5
6.  Graph of Sine and Cosine Functions ME  6
7.  Graph of Tangent, Cotangent, Cosecant and Secant Functions ME  7
8.  Phase Shift; Sinusoidal Curve Fitting ME  8
9.  The Inverse Sine, Cosine and Tangent Functions ME  9
10. The Inverse Trigonometric Functions ME 10
11. Trigonometric Identities ME 11
12.  Sum and Difference Formulas ME 12
13.  Double-angle and Half-angle Formulas ME 13
14. Product-to-Sum and Sum-to-Product Formulas ME 14
15. Trigonometric Equations I ME 15
16. Trigonometric Equations IIME 16
17. Applications Involving Right Triangles ME 17
18. The Law of SinesME 18
19. The Law of CosinesME 19
20. Area of a TriangleME 20



Course Outcomes 







Identify coterminal and reference anglesME 1PE 1
Convert between radian and degree measureME 2PE 2
Define and evaluate the six trig functions using a right triangleME 3PE 3
Define and evaluate the six trig functions using a unit circleME 4PE 4
Evaluate any of the six trig functions of the common anglesME 5PE 5
Graph a sinusoidal function and identify period, amplitude and phase shiftME 6PE 6
Graph the non-sinusoidal trigonometric functionsME 7PE 7
Establish trigonometric identities using the 8 fundamental identitiesME 8PE 8
Use identities to find exact values of trigonometric functionsME 9PE 9
Find the exact value of an inverse trigonometric expressionME 10PE 10
Solve equations involving a single trig functionME 11PE 11
Solve trig equations using identities or advanced techniquesME 12PE 12
Solve right triangle problems including applications using right triangle trig.ME 13PE 13
Solve oblique triangles using the law of sines and law of cosinesME 14PE 14
Solve application problems using the law of sines and law of cosinesME 15Pe 15